Saturday, March 2, 2013


Dear Patrons of the Arts, we need your help.

THE GOOD BOY has been blessed and honored by being requested to be a part of The Abingdon Theatre's 20th Anniversary Season in New York City. Opening on April 26th. Very exciting!

But having said that, although the Abingdon is a lovely, highly respected Off-Broadway house, and have offered to produce our play, as a non-profit theater, they are unable to help us with flights, lodging or per diems for our production team. That includes me, the writer/actor, our esteemed director, or our sound and set designers. Thus this plea. The link below is to our Kickstarter Campaign. Please support live theater and help THE GOOD BOY find its' footing and place in NYC. Anything would be welcomed. PLEASE PLEDGE TODAY! Thank you!